Since 1994, ITGA has developed a unique network of building and trade expertise focused on public and occupational health and also the environment.
Founded on a multidisciplinary approach, a complementary services offer and a network of diverse skills, we benefit from a global vision that supports all professionals with the optimal resolution of their regulatory issues related to buildings and health & safety.
We continually strive to monitor changing regulations in buildings and health & safety. Our skills and expertise are devoted to a single objective: providing comprehensive and workable solutions perfectly attuned to each customer’s projects.
We rely on the collaboration of skills, knowledge, innovation and people, while listening attentively to our customers’ needs.
A commitment that is deeply rooted in our company’s identity, its values and its future.

#Expertise #Innovation #Reliability

Olivier Perez

‘‘Comprehensive support as closely in touch as possible with the realities on the ground and the specific and technical challenges encountered by Building Pollutants professionals.”
”Our speciality: operating throughout the entire Health, Safety and Environment chain, from the ground to the laboratory, to provide you with our HSE expertise on major regulatory issues and the sector’s key issues. Our commitment: to create and sustain together the proper regulatory HSE policy for your company.“
”The strategic issues connected with energy transition and sustainable building are a driver for your company’s progress thanks to our multidisciplinary support.”


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