Solid network of analytical skills

With 11 laboratories in France, we have a solid network of analytical skills, in air and materials, to manage organic pollutants, inorganic pollutants, indoor air quality and various pollutants: asbestos, lead, legionella and more than 500 chemical agents.

We manage and control, in compliance with the QHSE (Quality, health, safety and the environment) requirements set, the entire process, from the receipt of the application to the issuance of the analysis report. Samples received are manage by qualified personnel. Analyses are carried out using cutting-edge equipment, controlled and unused consumables which respond to all specifications defined by our technical department. Traceability is ensured by a common software to all our laboratories. Our laboratories have all the required equipment for the analysis.


Our expertise to serve your activity

The contribution of shared knowledge gives us a mastery of trades to provide personalised advice and support, adapted to the reality of any kind of company. Flexible services of advice and support, ease your professional success and optimise your resources, thanks to:

  • Specialised expertise by business line to the nearest field realities and specific issues, technical and regulatory,
  • Adapted training courses in compliance with the regulatory requirements in force,
  • An implementation of personalised tools,
  • Advice and personalised audits,
  • The recommendation of dedicated tools,
  • The provision of personalised resources,
  • Regulatory monitoring,
  • Interactive animation
  • Distance training

Aware of the specific regulatory issues and current and/or future market contexts related to health & safety and building-related actors, we, as a training organisation, support professionals in their skills development.

We place pedagogy support at the heart of its concerns and offers a wide range of training courses that comply with regulatory and field-oriented requirements.


The technology vector of your efficiency

With our own Research and Innovation Centre, we develop referenced software packages that evolve with new and local regulations and the ergonomic improvement of interfaces:

  • Resulting from a dynamic and a reflection of expert engineers and computer scientists,
  • Field-oriented practical applications allowing professionals to gain in method and cohesion,
  • Business-oriented coaching (handling of software packages),
  • An expert and responsive hotline service.


Scanning and 3D modelling, the meaningfull building

Through a transversal approach and carrying solutions adapted to each of your issues, we are your privileged partner to support you on all your needs and projects of scanning and 3D modelling.

  • 3D SCANNING AND MODELLING: Survey, Design and Data Integration
  • TRAINING ADVICE: Awareness and field practice
  • HARDWARE: Scanners (rented and/or purchased)


A personalised way for your obligations

The regulatory context in our centres of expertise is constantly evolving. We support you in a personalised way for a compliance of your activities. We accompany you step by step for a successful implementation while fostering the upgrading skills of your teams.


Our knowledge at the service of your animation

From animation in different region, to the organisation of national trade show, through the professional press edition, we put our knowledge at the service of your animation. We place at the heart of our activity, the listening, the proximity, exchange and information.