European Asbestos Forum 2019

A quick flight to Amsterdam is enough to do an asbestos world tour. Or at least to get a great overview of what’s happening in the asbestos world industry. We will try to make a quick recap of the European Asbestos Forum, 14-15 September. Breathless It started with the must-see award-winning film ‘Breathless’ by Maarten […]

Industrial accident: Lubrizol Factory

Lubrizol manufactures and stores organophosphorus and organosulfur products. Those products are used in the lubricant industry as additives. The Lubrizol factory, owned by the billionaire Warren Buffet, is classified SEVESO under the European directives. The factory in Rouen, North of France, was identified with high industrial, human and environmental risks. Thus, strict risk management was […]

Rethinking the future of audit

?[MUST READ ARTICLE]? New technologies enable auditors to become value advisors. It will not be anymore a job at compliance or a pass/fail exam ✅❌ ⏱ Auditors would have time to provide valuable observations on key matters and insights that are most relevant to users. ? It will enhance the dialogue between both auditors and […]

Office opened soon in Montreal

ITGA is proud to announce the upcoming opening of its office in Montreal.For any request about our activity, Adrien Michel, our contact on site, will be happy to inform you.